I Played Swear Football with the Best of Them



My husband keeps labeled photos on his phone for Teghan. She loves to thumb through photos on our phones, and will often use this as a communication tool. Sometimes she just wants to laugh at videos of herself. The other night she found a picture of my friend’s son Jacob. She said his name and just stared at it. She looked at him for an incredible length of time.

I know she likes him a lot. She is excited when he comes over and will follow him around. She likes to sit right next to him. But what does she really think? Who is this kid to her? I have little to go on. I know when I was her age I was in love with no less than twenty boys. Twenty exactly- I even had a list. I ranked all the first grade boys by how much they impressed me romantically, and my (dreaded) list was distributed weekly.  Continue reading