Religion, Politics, and Empathy


Today I want to discuss the forbidden topics. I want to discuss religion and politics. That’s right- both of them. I usually try to avoid them on this page, in an effort to keep things running smoothly. And overall, I have found little reason to bring my opinions on these subjects to this platform.

So, what changed my mind? Well, I can tell you it is not the desire to let you all know how I feel about controversial topics. Rather, it is a recent discussion I had on Facebook that made me think deeper about religion, politics, and empathy for others in general. These ideas have bothered me for some time, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it until now. And the resulting feelings I have seem to translate to this part of my world, too.

I want to talk about empathy, and the hardest challenge of all- to empathize with those who we do not relate to. I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed is filled with failure when it comes to political and religious empathy. And while I usually make a successful effort at discussing my views with respect and patience; I often fail, too. I am passionate about many things, and I am sarcastic in nature. I abandon empathy on a regular basis.  Continue reading

So….What’s Next?

Floppy Disks

Every night my internet goes out just when I want it the most. It means I have to turn on my iPhone’s hotspot to get a connection, which does work well for the few minutes I need it to. It happens at the same time every day. I could call someone about this, but I am lazy. That’s the truth- but what I tell myself is that they will probably just charge me additional money to not fix the problem, or to make it worse. Which is also true. I find this all very disappointing. I just want it to work without a lot of hassle. Or even a little hassle.

Do you ever have moments when you notice just how much the world has changed and it seems kind of insane? It’s funny to think about things I once wanted, and to realize how many of those things have become obsolete. It makes me feel like I have lived longer than I actually have. If I feel this way in my thirties, what will my sixties be like?

My phone is obvious. Every time I watch a TV show from the nineties where the plot revolves around people not being able to reach one another, it seems absurd. Was this really how we lived? Now characters are forced to lose their cell phones, get lost in places with no reception, or just angrily ignore each other’s phone calls in order to keep the plot going. Because while cell phones solve a lot of real life problems, they offer an inconvenient solution for sitcom writers.

But we don’t just have cell phones. We have everything I ever dreamed of as a child in the palm of our hands. And I am pretty indifferent about it most of the time. That’s the insane part.    Continue reading