Expecting the Unexpected

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I have written before about the reason we only have one child (you can read that here if you would like). We would like more children, but after it took so long to have Teghan, we figured maybe adoption should be a consideration for our future. I am glad we felt that way, because we are now over five more years without birth control (what a waste of money that was!) and I am thirty-seven years old. I can’t imagine the stress I would have felt if I had been trying to have another baby all this time. I suppose turning thirty-five would have made me a basket case. But luckily, it is just not something that I think about anymore. I accepted those cards long ago. In fact, we have started to feel more pressure about deciding if we want to adopt in the upcoming years. I mean, we aren’t exactly getting any younger.

In spite of all this, somehow we are having a baby.

To be honest, I felt ridiculous even buying a pregnancy test. I thought, “PMS symptoms are probably continuing into week three because I am dying or something.” It seemed more likely at the time. I suppose Dave was just as skeptical. I could have hidden it from him, but I am lazy- and he is the one who puts the groceries away. And I wasted no time taking it, because we didn’t want to be silly and start thinking about it seriously. I’m not going down that road again.  Continue reading