Obsessive Compulsive

Scraping her teeth

Every morning Teghan wakes up happy. She is very vocal in her bedroom, and waits for us to come and get her. When we open the door, she excitedly runs past us. She turns on the hallway light, closes the bathroom door, and jumps into our bed.

She has to turn on that light and shut that door.

When we are in the living room, she needs to have the coffee table open. It’s a tea trunk style coffee table, where both sides open up. She will only allow us to close it if she is eating there, and as soon as she is done it comes right back open again.

The basement door must always remain shut. She will open it very briefly to let the cat down, but that cat needs to move fast. Teghan has little tolerance for an open door.

These behaviors are pretty familiar, really. They remind me of my own childhood OCD- except I was much better at hiding it. It makes me wonder what other rituals are going on in her world. If she brushes up against something with her left arm, does she have to turn and do the same with her right arm- sometimes twice? When we go for walks, does her right foot always have to step over the sidewalk crack first? When she taps on things, is there a designated number of taps that must be achieved each time? When she runs back and forth in her room at bedtime, how many times does she need to touch the wall before she is satisfied?  Continue reading