Making Life Easier


It’s hard to believe it was almost two years ago that I wrote about visiting the Motown Museum in Detroit. Time does fly. Since then I have gushed about how the staff responded to our daughter’s behavior no less than a hundred times. Here I am doing it again….

It was a terrible place to take her. We knew that, which is why we had planned on taking turns. But they convinced us it would be okay. And just a few kind words turned what should have been a miserable experience into something we have been bragging about for two years.

The main reason I bring it up so much is because taking our daughter places is a serious issue in our world and at this point I don’t know if it will ever change. A few months ago we had breakfast at a local restaurant. It was during her constant screaming phase so we did manage to silence the room a few times. But then a few strangers told us how good she had been- and it’s now our new favorite restaurant. Because honestly? I can’t tell you how many times we have left a restaurant with the feeling that we can never go there again. Continue reading

Touring the Motor City


I’ll admit, we seldom think of driving to Detroit. We live halfway between Chicago and Detroit, so either one is a two hour drive. Can you guess which one we have visited more? I suppose in some kind of burst of Michigan pride, I realized we were missing out. So we ditched any plans for The Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, or The Museum of Science and Industry- and headed for the Motor City instead.

Taking Teghan to a museum is risky. But if it’s a really big one, it feels safer. The Henry Ford Museum is perfect. It was easy to get into, and on a Tuesday there were no crowds at all. We will have to go back, since we did not have time for Greenfield Village. The place is overwhelming, and includes such pieces of history as the actual Rosa Parks bus, Kennedy’s limousine, and the chair that Lincoln was shot in. It is actually multiple museums in one, so if you plan on visiting I would recommend two days. It will not disappoint.

But for all of its impressiveness, The Henry Ford was not the standout museum of our day. Believe it or not, we took Teghan to Motown.

We already know she will hate it. Hitsville USA is not a big place, and seeing the Motown Museum means an hour-long tour. It includes a fifteen minute movie, lots of standing around listening, and absolutely no touching. Not only will Teghan hate this, but no one in our tour group will enjoy her hating it. Especially not us.

So when we go in, our plan is to take turns. That way one of us can stay outside with Teghan. When I approach the counter, a woman tells us that a tour is just starting and we can go ahead since we haven’t missed anything yet. She also mentions it will be an hour and a half. Concerned about time, I explain our situation and ask if it will be convenient to step away during the tour in case Teghan acts out. She assures me it will be no issue. Okay, that might work.  Continue reading