Carving out Roads, One Year at a Time



I used to carve out little roads in my driveway for my toy cars. I had dramatic stories playing out in my head for the people driving those cars, and my mind wandered a lot while I sat by myself playing in the driveway. Some moments of daydreaming stick with you forever. No reason. We all have a series of memories where we remember what we were thinking in a specific moment, and we remember that moment forever. That’s what memories are, I guess.

It was around 1982 that I was playing cars in my driveway and daydreaming about the year 2000. Nothing interesting- I had probably discussed and thought about the year 2000 plenty as a kid. It’s just that this moment stuck with me. My mind briefly references my childhood driveway every time the topic comes up. I was just thinking of how far away it was, and wondering what I would be doing when I was twenty-four years old.  Continue reading