Disrupting the Balance


Someone ahead of me in the drive-thru decided to pay for my coffee. I have had this happen more than anyone else I know. People really enjoy paying it forward to me, specifically. What exactly is the universe trying to tell me? Am I drinking too much coffee? Not enough coffee? Do I look sad while I’m driving?

Twice this week I thought I should reciprocate. Both times I was alone in the drive-thru and found no opportunity. It was kind of a relief. I gave that homeless guy ten dollars a few weeks ago; maybe I suddenly believe in karma. By that math I still have at least one more coffee coming to me, and I’m off the hook for a little while.

I usually donate my dollar or change to any cause that a cashier offers to me while paying for my fast food or Walgreen’s items. Scratch that. I will ALWAYS do it if they ask me about it, and NEVER if they don’t. So basically my giving nature comes down to how it makes me feel socially. Saying “no” and asking for permission to donate feel equally awkward.

If I see the area decorated with people’s names who have donated I will usually say “no” whether the cashier asks or not. I don’t want to take time to write my name on a paper advertising my small generosity. On the rare occasion I am tricked into it, I always write Teghan’s name. Then I think, “Great. Someone is going to see this and know I ate at Arby’s today.” This is the kind of irrational thought I’m trying to keep to a minimum.

That donation thing they put under drive-thru windows where you can just toss your change in? Genius. And here’s a sales tip for all you upsellers out there: If what you are selling is the laziest possible option….I’m in. For example, if not purchasing something requires me to sign a paper opting out, you just made a sale.

I’m not proud of that. Continue reading