Our Journey to the Inevitable

Into the Unknown

This is long, and some of you won’t like it- but we need to talk about American healthcare reform. I don’t want to drive people away, especially if we disagree. I am sharing my thoughts here because healthcare reform is one of the few things I am truly passionate about. If I am going to subject you to my ramblings about genealogy, modern technology, and dishonest priests- you can hardly be surprised by a healthcare post. I hope you will stick around.

I don’t want to talk about all the different parts of reform and what they mean. I don’t even want to talk about how it affects our autism world. I want to talk about the very basic concepts that we should all be able to wrap our minds around in a few short minutes. I don’t care if we agree on solutions, but right now we aren’t even solving the same problems. I want to pretend as if political sides do not matter, and this is just what one might see if we were able to remove all the clutter. If only.

The Affordable Care Act is an incomplete solution. It is, however, a solution for some of us. I don’t want a debate on this. I want the next better answer. I want a way forward; not another step backward, or a standstill. For some of us, having a real solution isn’t just a series of talking points. It is life or death. That should mean enough for all of us to stick around and try harder.  Continue reading