Enduring the Socially Awkward Masses


I visit the bank at least once a day. The other morning as I walked through the door I was met with the sound of a man talking very loudly- on his phone. He was standing at one of the teller stations, next to a woman who was being helped. He was standing so close to her, I assumed they were together.

I was wrong. That was just where he chose to wait in line. Not in the designated “on deck” spot next to the sign that instructs you to wait for the next available teller to call you. No, that waiting area was for the rest of us.

I couldn’t believe how loud he was speaking into his phone. He was having some kind of business conversation. He wasn’t angry, just loud- and he kept looking around the lobby at the rest of us as if we were all hanging on to his every word (not that we had a choice in the matter).  Continue reading