A Question of Time and History (and Other Questions No One is Asking)

Teghan Walking on the Wheel of History


I have a very clear memory of the day I learned to read a calendar. By this time I understood the concept of measuring time and how the days of the week went. My young brain had easily accepted how the months of the year were made up of these weeks, and all the reasons behind why there were more days in some months than others. The whole thing came together for me in a nice little package that I could reason out.

But something about that calendar really bothered me.

I remember sitting in the kitchen, staring at the wall calendar with my parents. I asked them how they knew, just by looking at the calendar, which week it was right now. I mean, sure it’s Sunday. But how do we know which Sunday it is just by looking at the calendar?

We just know.

We always stay aware of time, and we just know what day it is. So, when we look at the calendar we already know if it’s the third week of the month or the fourth week, and which day it is.

This answer was unacceptable to me. What was the point of a calendar, then, if we had to already know what day it was before we could read the thing?  Continue reading