Pancake! Pancake! Pancake!


Teghan goes through cycles of preferred word groupings. She is obsessed with words, even if she isn’t very good at stringing them together. She loves word apps and she seems to take pride in labeling things. Her pronunciation is constantly improving, and at home she effortlessly gets her point across with two or three word phrases- the first word usually being “want.”

A revolving door of language for us has been her unusual choice in words when she is angry. She yells and stomps her feet, and the tone in her voice is much like any other child vocally complaining. Except she doesn’t have the ability to express those words properly. She used to sing Old MacDonald. We would try hard not to laugh as she looked at us defiantly and screamed, “E-I-E-I-O!” as if scolding us. Just to keep things interesting, she would occasionally throw in a different song lyric. “Head, knees, toes!” was popular for a while.

These days she is using strictly breakfast words. Egg, sausage, bacon, toast, cereal, pancake….and yesterday she even said “bagel cheese.” Yeah. First the tears start, then you see the familiar hint of rage dart across her face (and you know to grab anything out of her hand or else she will bite it). Then comes the dramatic vocal protest, “Sausage, egg! Pancake! Pancake! Pancake!” But this string of profanity can come in any order.

Why breakfast foods?

This morning when confronted with a hair combing it was, “Eat cereal….toast? Sausage? Egg?” But she didn’t want those things. Wait. I take it back. When she protested going to bed last night she complained, “Cereal….soup.”

Soup? Soup apparently became a breakfast food this week. The first few times she threw that in we actually thought she wanted soup. She was exhausted by our stupidity:

Teghan: Soup?

Us: You want soup?

Teghan: No…..Soup?

Us: You want some soup?

Teghan: No…. Soup? Sausage? Egg?!

Oh, okay. Now we get it. Your YouTube video isn’t playing.

Sometimes at night she just screams at the top of her lungs and throws in a random “Toast! No….? Toast!” More screaming. The neighbors must think we are either starving her or torturing her with bread.

But the screaming has actually improved. She likes to scream into her hand and feel the vibration of it, but she will also scream into any object she can get her mouth up against. It’s her own little ongoing science experiment. She especially likes it when I agree to scream into her hand, so I expect illnesses will be flying through our home like wild this cold and flu season.

Perhaps my favorite new vocal trend is the way she has been wandering about the house whining my husband’s name. All those times he does something gross or inappropriate and I respond by saying his name in a disapproving tone? She has taken this on as her new catch phrase. Disapproving tone and all. “Dave…..oh, Dave…..” All day long. I should probably explain this to her school, but they may have already put it together.

I kind of love it. And secretly? I’m hoping this one sticks around for a while.


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