And This Moment, Too, Will Pass

Teghan Running

In July 2012 I decided to start a blog. I knew nothing about how to do that, but I wanted to share our experiences with our daughter and autism. She was four years old at the time, and things weren’t easy. I hoped to not only find a supporting community, but to communicate a piece of our lives to our friends who we had recently moved away from.

On that first night, when I had finally gathered enough courage to publish what had been on my mind, I had no intention of sharing it. Not yet. I created a Facebook page and shared it with no one. I figured that courage would come later. It was enough that I was willing to have some stranger accidentally stumble across it.

But when I woke up the next morning I had over 200 likes on my Facebook page. Somehow, Autism Daddy had come across my blog and shared it overnight. My post “This Moment Will Pass” already had thousands of views. And it gave me the courage to share my page with friends and family.

My blog remains a very small corner of the world only a handful of you know about, but so much has happened over the past few years. I look back at old posts and I want to tell that mother to cheer up. It’s going to get easier. And I never would have imagined then that we would move back home; but here we are.

I have been updating this blog monthly. Partly because I have so many other projects I am working on, but mostly because I don’t have as much to share on the topic. Now that our daughter is getting older, I don’t want to analyze her every behavior for the world to see. Updates seem adequate.

Now, what to do for this month besides that little introduction? Being the sentimental person I am, I figured this month I would look back at the stats and share my six most popular posts. For anyone who is curious…. here are the ones that were read and shared the most:


This Moment Will Pass

So, Is Your Autism Community Bringing You Down?

One Hundred Years Later

The Battle of Retard

What Are You Staring At?

For the Love of Objects


Thank you to those of you who are still hanging around 🙂


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