A Cat Named Lincoln


We haven’t seen our cat in a few days, and until now I have just kind of pretended like it will work itself out. The mystery has brought me around to finally dealing with it.

The truth is, I don’t think she is alive. I want to believe that she escaped- but experience tells me that she has never escaped past our porch before, and escapes generally end in whining (within minutes) at the front door. Maybe she got hurt…. but I don’t think she even got out.

Which means, in spite of Dave’s claim that he has looked everywhere, I am pretty sure she found a hiding place in the house. And I don’t want to be the one to find her. 

We actually have two cats, but this is the perfect one. Some of you know Lincoln. That’s right, her name is Lincoln. Stupid pet store told us she was a boy. What are you going to do? I bought her as a surprise for Dave two weeks after our wedding. It was 1996. We named her Lincoln after a boy we knew who had bad luck with cats (some of you know that Lincoln, too).

She isn’t young. In case you are bad at math- Lincoln is sixteen years old. She has been a fantastic pet. Smart, friendly, and always uses the litter box appropriately. I cannot say the same for our other cat, Coven. That’s Coven with a long “o” because coven sounds like oven (yes, we loved American Movie that much- go rent it). But Coven is pretty cool. She’s quirky. I suppose it can’t be easy trying to live up to the Lincoln standard.

And I’ll be honest. The cats have been replaced. I used to spoil these stupid animals, especially Lincoln. Since Teghan came along they have been left to entertain themselves most of the time. They should hate Teghan. In all fairness, Teghan in no way has been their friend. But Lincoln gives her a chance. She knows to be afraid, but it’s as if she also knows that Teghan is learning. She tolerates her in unexpected ways.

I love that cat.

But I have also become detached. I have considered that Lincoln would not be with us for some time now, and I have been waiting for this. I just figured I would know where she went.

This is unsettling. And I feel terrible for Coven.

I will try and explain it to Teghan, but she doesn’t appear to notice much about the cats. I doubt she has realized how long it’s been since she last saw Lincoln, and I am certain she doesn’t find it odd. But just in case, I will say something. It’s a little comical to think about what I might say.

Lincoln was a wonderful pet. She has been a part of our family from the very beginning. We have shared a lot with that animal, and she deserves some kind of mention.

She will be missed.

That’s all.


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    • Nope. I think she was sick, but I am now pretty sure she managed to escape. I am a little relieved for that, I didn’t want to find her in the house. She was a great cat 🙁

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