Welcome to IEP Season. What’s Under That Slide?

My daughter was late getting home yesterday because her school bus was in a minor accident. There are no more than a half-dozen special needs students who ride this bus, and there was a substitute driver. Apparently one of the kids slapped the driver, causing the bus to drive off the road. There were no injuries, but enough damage to the bus that a replacement was needed.

I’m just happy to have heard about it. They don’t always contact us when her bus is going to be late getting home. More than once they have had to pull over to safely deal with behavior issues, and I never feel completely sure what’s going on. Or how qualified the driver and aids are in handling these situations.

In the past, her school has been quick to notify us of any incident taking place during the school day. At least, as far as I know. Do I know? I have received phone calls over simple bumps and bruises; or an occasional assault from another student. And of course we all remember the time she managed to escape the school entirely.

(Reading all that makes me feel more than a little nervous.)  Continue reading