Pancake! Pancake! Pancake!


Teghan goes through cycles of preferred word groupings. She is obsessed with words, even if she isn’t very good at stringing them together. She loves word apps and she seems to take pride in labeling things. Her pronunciation is constantly improving, and at home she effortlessly gets her point across with two or three word phrases- the first word usually being “want.”

A revolving door of language for us has been her unusual choice in words when she is angry. She yells and stomps her feet, and the tone in her voice is much like any other child vocally complaining. Except she doesn’t have the ability to express those words properly. She used to sing Old MacDonald. We would try hard not to laugh as she looked at us defiantly and screamed, “E-I-E-I-O!” as if scolding us. Just to keep things interesting, she would occasionally throw in a different song lyric. “Head, knees, toes!” was popular for a while. Continue reading