The Slide


This past weekend we traveled to Michigan for my sister’s wedding. Teghan does exceptionally well on long car rides, but the three nights in a hotel had us a little worried. Outside of a few screams here and there, she did better than expected. As Matron of Honor I had important things to do like getting my nails done, so my husband spent a good portion of our long weekend taking Teghan on walks. Another thing she does well. They walked several miles a day and she never broke a sweat. Overall the weekend was a success for everyone involved.

On the way home we stopped at the tollway oases, as we usually do. They have a family bathroom which makes stopping with Teghan a thousand times easier. There is a McDonald’s play area inside. Usually she doesn’t notice it, but this time she pulled and cried “want” in a desperate plea to get to it. She was not wearing socks. We took her to a table by the window to calm her down.

And then I bought a pair of $15 ugly souvenir socks.

She ran to the play area and immediately climbed up into the tube that leads to the slide. Teghan has a thing about slides. It takes her forever to get up the courage to go down one the first time. And winding tube slides are the worst. I watched her through the playland windows as she tried to conjure up the courage. Continue reading