It Could Be Worse, It Could Be Better


It’s been four years since our daughter was officially diagnosed and we took on the challenge of autism parenting. It could be worse, it could be better. That’s true for everyone. You know the rule, STOP comparing. But the autism world is filled with comparisons. Comparisons can hurt, offer hope, or simply be a part of survival. Look at what they are dealing with. And they seem to be doing okay…

Ask a special needs parent what they are thankful for and they already have that list ready to go. And not for any profound reason. Because for every moment I feel a twinge of jealousy toward my parenting friends whose children can do things they take for granted, I will find three more examples of parents who have it harder than me. I suppose that just happens to be the balance I need.

Maybe your two-year old communicates better than my seven-year old; but someone out there is envying me because my seven-year old sleeps through the night, is potty-trained, and hardly ever has a meltdown. And believe me, these are things to be thankful for. Do I sometimes take them for granted? Absolutely. Continue reading