Letting Your Autism Light Shine

To the Christian friend whose last straw was when I listened to a podcast hosted by a known atheist:

A Christian chooses to respond to unbelievers with kindness, or with distance. You are either a soul who possesses love and empathy for others, or you spend your life misinterpreting that bible verse about not yoking with unbelievers. And you ARE misinterpreting it; in fact, you are using it as an excuse to ignore people who are not exactly like you.

Right now you believe that I am a vessel for Satan to make his move against you. I’m pretty sure that’s not happening. But believing that it could be happening gives you an excuse to turn off all empathy for me and forget that if it were true- I would be the one needing protection, not you. No hard feelings. Truthfully, weren’t we both a little surprised when we survived that marriage equality debate a while back? When you find yourself hating people for their religion, politics, or lifestyle choices you tell yourself you hate the sin not the sinner. But that isn’t true, is it? Continue reading