Ludington, 1982

Ludington, 1982

When I was a kid we used to camp every summer at a park in Ludington on Lake Michigan. The campsites were pretty packed together, but the beach was long and you could find plenty of isolated areas. There were also lots of trails for hiking and biking, and I liked taking my bike for long rides during the day.

One journey was particularly memorable. After exhausting all the wooded trails throughout the park, I decided to venture onto the road just outside the park. I had a little change, and figured I would find a convenience store or something.

I was maybe ten or eleven, and I had plenty of experience riding my bike along main roads. We lived in a rural area, and any destination was a pretty tiring bike ride. I often rode to a party store a few miles away, or Fort Custer had a beach that was within a (somewhat) reasonable ride. These rides pushed me to my young bike riding limits, but were totally worth it just to be at a destination. Those of you who grew up in the country know-

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Thank You. I Represent the Emotionally Awkward.

Teghan Looking out Window

My post about what 365 days might bring was meant to be the post to let everyone know what has been happening recently. I made an announcement about being pregnant once we hit the second trimester, so somehow I had to explain why I wasn’t pregnant anymore. And to be honest, I have no interest in going into a lot of detail about it beyond that. This is an autism parenting blog, after all- a topic I keep to for at least every other post, right?

But I have to address the amazing responses I received, mostly private, from friends and blog followers. I feel terrible that I was not in a place to immediately respond to all of them. Many of you sent me kind words. Many of you told me about your own experience with miscarriage or infertility. While I am still wrapping my mind around the experience, I know it’s the infertility factor that is a little harder to accept. I actually laughed when the doctor said to call him immediately if I find out I am pregnant again. But I learned to accept it once before, and I will get there again. A few of you truly understand that. Some of you had no experience at all, but took the time to try to find the words anyway. Or took the time just to say you didn’t have any words.

So I want to say thank you to all of you. I feel as if I owe you all some kind of return heartfelt story, but it turns out I am emotionally challenged. So I am going to confess to that instead. My coworker will really appreciate this. She desperately tries to pry emotion out of me, and this is as close as she will get. I will continue to deny her hug requests. Forever.

This past month has been troubling at best. I would like to blame it all on hormones, but I know it is a little more than that. I’m not worried, because it seems I have been drenched in proof that everyone has it worse than I do. In the past three years, this probably ranks number three on my “sometimes life is bad” list. Still, in spite of a determined effort to avoid any moments of being left alone with my thoughts, I have failed- at least twice a day, every day. But in those moments of failure I have managed to work out a few things about my world.  Continue reading

On This Seventh Day of August


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I met my husband on August 7th, 1994. It was a pretty weird day. I had recently graduated from high school, and I had made the decision to join a touring group. It was the day I left home and embarked on one of the strangest and most important journeys of my life. I don’t often talk about this part of my life; I have no idea where I would start. There was a lot of crazy packed into that journey.

My friends Josh and Mike drove me to the place I would be staying. It was a Sunday night, and they had come with me to my Grandma Hill’s house that day to say my goodbyes to my family. We arrived at my destination after dark, and were met by a kid my age named Todd. The others had all gone to the airport to pick up some other new group members, and Todd had been left the task of greeting the new girl coming by car. Josh and Todd immediately hit it off when Todd saw that Josh was wearing a t-shirt with a camp logo on it from a camp he had also gone to.

Todd showed me to my room. I hugged Josh and Mike, and spent the next hour unpacking.

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