Neurology 101

Teghan contemplating a phone call.

Teghan contemplating a phone call.


Let me start by saying that Dave’s neurologist and staff in Illinois were amazing. They went above and beyond. They led us down the path of surgery. They are the reason Dave’s seizures are now controlled by medication. They helped us out when we couldn’t afford medications or expensive procedures. They cared about their patients. We miss them.

Because of them, Dave no longer requires much care. He just needs an annual refill on the prescriptions he has been taking since he was a young boy. That’s it. So, last year when it came time to fill that yearly requirement- we had to find a new neurologist in Michigan. Easy enough….we just needed someone who could write a prescription.

What we found was a disappointment.  Continue reading

In Love With Typical

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We took Teghan to the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary yesterday. I hadn’t been there in many years, but it was a frequent stop during the first eight years of my life (when I lived down the street from it). It was a beautiful afternoon, and we had the park to ourselves. We bought a bucket of corn for fifty cents to feed the birds- which I was pretty sure Teghan would eat herself.

I was wrong. She was thrilled to throw corn at the birds and watch them scramble for it. It was wonderful. Watching my little girl skip around grabbing handfuls of corn and happily tossing it into the water was an unexpected surprise. It was typical childhood behavior- rare and fantastic.   Continue reading